Tuition and Fees


Students are required to have adequate financial resources to finance their education for the duration of their study. U.S. immigration law requires international students to document their ability to pay all tuition and living expenses for the time they are studying in the U.S.


Tuition: The College of Chicago’s tuition cost varies based on the lengths and the program the student actually attends. You can download the tuition chart. Please call or email us for any specific program’s tuition cost. T: 312-332-0588, E:

Non-Refundable Fee Charges
Application Fee $100
International Student $100
International Courier Fee $100
Registration Fee $50 (per semester)
Books and Materials $200 (per semester)

Suggested monthly costs of living in Chicago area

Housing: ranging from $600 to $1500, depends on the type of housing the student chooses housing options

Monthly Costs Charges
Food $300-$500
Public Transportation $100-$150
Students can pay their fees through Paypal
Student Type