Transfer Students

Transfer Students

The College of Chicago would like to assist you in all aspects in the application process. In order to be transfered into the COC, please proceed through the following steps.

In general, students will need to first register with The College of Chicago, then proceed with the transfer.

Please contact our school officials for more details if you have any questions.


1. Fill out the following forms via the  links or download the applications to fill in and send back to us:

2. Submit the following to the COC:

  • Please follow the US Students application steps if you are an US student
  • Please follow the International Students application steps if you are an international student. International students also need to submit a copy of his/her current I-20 form

3.  Receive e-mail notification from the COC to confirm receipt of application and documents:

  • He COC will notify each individual student when the school has received all of the application and required documents. This is not an acceptance letter.

4. Receive an acceptance letter from the COC.

5. Request a copy of the transfer form from the COC and send it to your previous school and then wait for further notice. You can also download the pdf transfer form.


For transfer students, please refer to the following list. You also need to prove that you are in good standing with your previous school.

1. High school diploma or GED equivalent or higher, or high school or higher transcript or academic records (ESL Program Only).


2. Valid passport with an expiration date no sooner than 6 months later.

3. Copy of Passport ID page.

4. Financial statement (official bank statement with sufficient amount to live in the US including tuition and living expense) issued within 6 months.

5. Non-refundable application fee of $200.

6. Copy of current I-20 form.

Please note that all of the above documents must be properly translated into English by authorized institutions.