Alumni Testimonials

The College of Chicago aims to help you achieve your personal goal. College of Chicago alumni graduate with the English skills they need to succeed in their colleges, universities and communities.

Read some of our recent alumni’s testimonials:

“When I try to say something about the College of Chicago, only the best thing comes to my mind. I’ve been here for 10 months or so,  when I started there my English wasn’t good and now I’d say I can understand people and put my dreams into reality. I just want to say this school has amazing teachers, awesome location and offers you a lot of opportunities to do whatever you want to do.”

Home Country: Colombia
After COC: Preparing for GRE Test and apply for graduate school


“The College of Chicago was an amazing experience for me, because I had excellent teacher and good classmates. The didactic lecture is very engaging and easy. Everything I learned at College of Chicago will help me in any profession. If I want to study abroad again or working, I feel safer and more prepared after this experience. I really recommend this course to other students.”

Home Country: Brazil
After COC: Return to home country


“I really enjoyed my days at the College of Chicago with my excellent instructors and awesome classmates. It meant a lot to me. It was also a great help for me to get into universities. According to my own experiences, I’ll tell you this: if you are new to America and are willing to take your first step towards success, the College of Chicago is just the right place for you.””

-Yao (Sean)
Home Country: China
After COC: University of Wisconsin- graduate school of business